BBM for Android and BBM for iPhone! Official Launch Details

BBM for Android and BBM for iPhone! Official Launch Details


So looks like we have some great news! I have been waiting for this for a very long time. I really wanted this app, since I got my first iPod Touch. Looks like we are here now!  Within the next few hours, people will start seeing the BMM app in Google Play, and the App store, and in some Samsung App Stores – and it will be FREE to download.

The demand for BMM on Android and on the iPhone counties to grow, about six million people signed up for the information about BBM at BBM.com, within the next seven to eight hours about one million users were using the unreleased version of BBM for Android, and what you didn’t know is that more than one million people have found creative ways to “side-load” BBM on their iPhone.

This is the details for the BBM Roll Out:

1 ) Download the BBM app – link for you so you can get it easily http://bit.ly/PREMBBM
2 ) Once you install the app, ope it, and enter your eMail address so you can hold your spot in line!
3 ) BBM will eMail you as soon as you reach the front of the line, and then you can start using BBM!

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