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DayZ Standalone gameplay

DayZ Standalone gameplay DayZ the popular mod for ArmA 2 has published a foootage of its standalone version, while there is no release date set officially, the rumours are that it ...

Mafia 2 Giveaway!

Mafia 2 Giveaway! Hey guys, as you know I posted how to get a free copy of Mafia 2, and Civilization V, well I got two copies of Mafia 2. So I am willing to give 1 away! A little information ...

How to get Mafia 2 or Civilization V for FREE!

How to get Mafia 2 or Civilization V for FREE! Hey guys, I found  a way to get mafia 2, or civilization V for free! Its very simple! 1 ) Go on 2 ) ...

Giving away SIX games!

Welcome to the SIX game Giveaway! *ALL GAMES ARE REDEEMABLE VIA STEAM ONLY!* So in celebration of my new blog, I am doing a giveaway of the following games; Cities XL Platinum, Blood ...

See the Steam Controller in Action

See the Steam Controller in Action Valve have released a video demo of their Steam Controller in use. The video showcases a small variety of games to give you a feel of what it’s ...

GameMiner Invite Codes + Info!

GameMiner Invite Codes + Info! Hey there Premium Bay, my name is Alex and I am the owner of this website. Anyway I am about to tell you how to get free Steam games legally! Now you ...
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