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Your AD Here

This is for the Your AD Here spot.
Spots will take by order, each other lasts for one month. ( First come first serve basis, Ex: if three purchases we're made at the same time, the first purchase will get the next ad available, second purchase will get the next one, and so on.. )

So yeah, each month costs $10 CAD, unlimited clicks, and impressions.
If you want to order more than a month then please chose how many months you want via the drop down-menu.

Once a purchase is made, you will be sent an eMail to the address which the funds we're received from within 24 hours. If you do not receive an eMail within 24 hours, please eMail: ElitesEngine[email protected], [email protected] We recommand to send an eMail to those TWO eMails as soon as you paid. Please provide proof.

1 ) Send the eMail where the funds we're sent from
2 ) Send a transaction ID in the eMail
3 ) Provide the amount that you paid, and the length that you paid for
4 ) Provide the image URL 125x125 PX MAX, and the URL redirect, including a text for the AD ( wont be shown. Needed to organize the ads. )

Thanks for the purchase have a great day!

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